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Colombian prototype starts its construction

Colombian prototype starts its construction

Jorge, known as Sstorch Ge Storch Ge on Facebook, told me yesterday that the materials for the BirdGlider prototype arrived at his workshop. So ...the building of the first flyable prototype can begin ...at last. We had to wait 3/4 year for these materials to arrive. But it is getting for real now. Jorge is studying the plans now. He will make all the parts by hand. We will keep you informed of the progress on the website. The FREE plans can still be found on this website.

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“Going back in time …to the basics” has been my way of thinking for a long time. “Going back in time” might sounds a bit weird. But in the pioneer years of hanggliding, the sport was still for those with some guts, now it has evolved into a sport for those with many bucks. I wanted to go back to those old years. Lets go back to when aviation was still in reach of many. Aviation for the man of the street. I keep that goal high. I want to see YOU in the air.