The Free Plans. Read this page before downloading!

The origin of the idea of the free plans

Before i visited Airventure 2015 in Oshkosh, USA, i had the idea to make kits for the BirdGlider. The kit would have been all the metal work and the fabric to cover the wings and tail.

During my visit to that biggest airshow in the world, i saw that i needed to start working on another project. I abandoned the idea of making BirdGlider kits. But ...this glider was too good to be shelved. Too good to not be available to the man of the street.

And then it hit me. Why not do like Henri Mignet (the person that started the homebuilding movement in 1934)? After the passing of Pierre Mignet (son of Henri Mignet) it was very unsure what would happen to the Mignet designs. Alain Mignet took the noble decision to place all the plans on the internet... for free. That way it is sure that the work of the Mignet family would not go to waste.

The Mignet family was my inspiration to begin with the BirdGlider. I saw the need for a airplane for the man of the street, like they did in 1930's.

With this knowledge it became very easy for me to decide i would safe this glider for the man of the street by placing it on the internet. The BirdGlider comes to you now. Use it to become airborne. Use it to realise your dream of flight ...at low cost.


But ... the rules!

Guys, i want to be generous to you. But ...i know that not all persons are so kind like me. That is why i need to place some rules before you get access to the plans.

Rule 1) This is a non-certified, non-tested airplane. Build the BirdGlider using the plans at own risk. If you think i don't trust the BirdGlider, invite me when you finished the BirdGlider, like it is on plans. I will test-fly the first made glider gladly. But ...remember ...flying is still dangerous. Do it after learning about steering, weather, gliding, local aviation rules. And that will not even prevent you getting hurt. Every pilot knows a pilot who is no longer there, who is disabled or who stopped out of fear or old wounds. I say it again ...flying is a dangerous hobby!

Rule 2) The plans may only be used for personal use only. No commercial use is allowed. Not even selling printed plans. If you see somebody not behaving to this rule, tell me, give me his identity. The person will have to take the consequences of his deeds. I can be noble, but ...i can be a devil too. You are warned.

Rule 3) You are not allowed to use the name BirdGlider if you altered the design. If i agree to your changes, you may use the name BirdGlider. But you are still not allowed to commercialise the plans.

Rule 4) The plans of the BirdGlider are my personal property.

Rule 5) The plans are only allowed to be published on www.birdglider.net or www.nestofdragons.net. Tell me if you find it anywhere else.

Rule 6) You are not allowed to give the plans to other persons. They all have to get it from my websites. See rule 5. If you got the plans from another source than my website, it is your task to go see the last update of the plans on my websites. Still referring to rule 5.

Rule 7) If you intend to plan to test fly the BirdGlider, be sure to watch the BirdGlider-website to see if there are any warnings from previous flights. Learn from the lessons of the past, before you become a error yourself. I can only try to prevent accidents with the BirdGlider. I will not be able to avoid them. Even good airplanes and good pilots can have accidents.

Rule 8) I can change, add or delete rules to prevent accidents with a BirdGlider or illegal practises with the plans. It is your task to keep up with the rules. One thing i will never change! The plans stay for free.

Rule 9) You understand that English is not my native language. It is my third language. I do my best to be as clear as possible. If something does not make sense in your opinion, just do not think your interpretation of my words are right. If doubting, ask to become sure. The most common questions will appear in the Frequently Asked Questions section of this site.

Rule 10) Any discussions/lawsuits will be held in the Belgian justice court.

Rule 11) You realise that the fact that i need to place these rules is just a display of how sad the aviation world has evolved. A manual should not need more info about flying speeds, flap settings and wing limits followed by the sentence "don't begin with this project unless you know what you are doing". Sadly ...some people think that they might earn a big buck by making a lawsuit against a small airplane maker. I can tell you ONE thing about my project. If you might win, you cannot even pay your lawyer with the gained money. There ...the truth is said.


Only download if you agree to the rules mentioned above and in the book.

Don't just to click to download. Read the rules above first!

By clicking to start the download of the BirdGlider plans, you agree to the rules mentioned above.

BirdGlider - THE BOOK (edition 2015-08-04)


Here is the partlist. These are the actual list i used to order my stuff in 2015 from Aircraft Spruce. There are prices included which probably are no longer correct. Anyway ...you need to combine BOTH lists as the last list has the updated data about the nuts and bolts and rivets.

Partlist A

partlist B (update)

Now you can use the data to find out how much the materials will cost (fabric and seat not included). Good luck.

About BirdGlider

“Going back in time …to the basics” has been my way of thinking for a long time. “Going back in time” might sounds a bit weird. But in the pioneer years of hanggliding, the sport was still for those with some guts, now it has evolved into a sport for those with many bucks. I wanted to go back to those old years. Lets go back to when aviation was still in reach of many. Aviation for the man of the street. I keep that goal high. I want to see YOU in the air.