Assembly time reduced to the max

Not many parts

Lets sum up all the parts you need to get to the starting spot if you had to disassemble the glider for transport.

  • Fuselage
  • Wing left
  • Wing right
  • Horizontal tail
  • Struts left
  • Struts right

Only six parts. And all parts can be carried or rolled by a single person.

Quick pins

  • With quick pins the parts are joined. No need to use rackets or sockets.
  • Each part that can be mis-installed has a way to prevent that. It is idiot-proof.

Roof rack to hold the parts

  • We are designing a roof rack that will be able to store all the parts. And it will be able to let the parts loose without too much work. Getting it all back on the roof will be as simple as possible.
About BirdGlider

“Going back in time …to the basics” has been my way of thinking for a long time. “Going back in time” might sounds a bit weird. But in the pioneer years of hanggliding, the sport was still for those with some guts, now it has evolved into a sport for those with many bucks. I wanted to go back to those old years. Lets go back to when aviation was still in reach of many. Aviation for the man of the street. I keep that goal high. I want to see YOU in the air.