BirdGlider Projects

These are nice examples

Project 1

Working space and how do see the full build up of the prototype

I changed a large room into a working space. I put my tools there, made my working table and ...i began making the first prototype of the BirdGlider.

I was surprised how quickly it advanced. I was also surprised how quickly one can make a error, so the use of a manual was proven with this. I had to do it without one.

Here i just tell you about its existence. And i will show you a few pictures. The complete story of the BirdGlider prototype #01 build up can be found on my other website named Nest of Dragons or the Facebook group named BirdGlider. Feel free to join. Make sure your profile has aviation stuff in it. I screen all new members to avoid spammers.

The construction

Waw. In less than 15 hours i had my basic fuselage done. And i really started from not-drilled tubes. This system works really fast.

The elevator was a challenge. The first one was as bad looking as can be. I did underestimate the forces in that tiny tube. But the second one was done in a hour and ...is as straight as must be. My experiences will be places in the manual, so you will be able to avoid this error of me.

There was only thing i really didn't like. The rivets on the tiny tube touched each other. They were hard to install that way. I stopped production of the wings and had it redesigned. I really want this to be as good as possible. The next one will be suuuuuper.

Getting prepared for the Aero-Expo in Friedrichshafen, Germany

The glider is far from finished. Designing while constructing does not speed up the building proces. But i will be at the Expo with as much Birdglider as i can have.

It is very clear to me that this prototype had more function as try-and-error model in building than as real flying model. I will testfly this glider later, but i plan more on keeping this one as a good try out for the motorized version. Once it did have it engine installed and its flighttests are done, i guess i will donate this prototype to a museum that has a heart for ultralight aviation.

Sending my connection parts to USA

To make it possible to be at Oshkosh (Airventure 2015) with the BirdGlider i send all my connection parts to Aldo Sibi. He works at Virgin Galactic and was willing to build the first USA prototype for me.

Sadly Aldo had some health problems and was not able to finish the BirdGlider in time. But he plans to work together with some youth to get it done. But at this time i have no clue when the prototype will be ready.

My visit to Oshkosh was not a loss of time. I saw so many things. Met a few of my heroes (John Moody, Barnaby Wainfan).

About BirdGlider

“Going back in time …to the basics” has been my way of thinking for a long time. “Going back in time” might sounds a bit weird. But in the pioneer years of hanggliding, the sport was still for those with some guts, now it has evolved into a sport for those with many bucks. I wanted to go back to those old years. Lets go back to when aviation was still in reach of many. Aviation for the man of the street. I keep that goal high. I want to see YOU in the air.