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Airventure not possible

Sadly it will not be possible to be at Airventure this year. The prototype will not be ready in time. The builder had some problems that delayed the build up and the transport of the parts, which i dismounted from prototype 01 for this assembly arrived toooo late. Nor Aldo, nor me were to blame for both problems.

Any way ...the USA adventure still goes on. We might miss Airventure, but ...there is something else being prepared which will not pass by unnoticed. :)

About BirdGlider

“Going back in time …to the basics” has been my way of thinking for a long time. “Going back in time” might sounds a bit weird. But in the pioneer years of hanggliding, the sport was still for those with some guts, now it has evolved into a sport for those with many bucks. I wanted to go back to those old years. Lets go back to when aviation was still in reach of many. Aviation for the man of the street. I keep that goal high. I want to see YOU in the air.